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Sunday Service: 10:30 am

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Partnership Program

As a church, our goal is to spread the gospel to all borders of the world starting from our immediate region but we can't do that alone as it is indeed a big task and that’s why we need you.

Partnering with us is partnering with Christ and such partnership grants us the potential to reach over 4.5 million Georgians, and foreigners in Georgia and thereafter the entire Caucasus region of Southern Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan moving forward to Europe.

Partnership Account Details
Beneficiary IBAN: GE18TB7961836180100002
Beneficiary Name: Love Dominion Assembly
Please kindly indicate in the description Donation/Partnership

Some Impact of Your Donations

Community Service

Your donation helps us transform lives via our community outreach and provide basic amenities.

Media Outreach

Your donation helps us reach over 4.5 million souls in Georgia and all over the world with all our messages both in videos, audios and articles.

Helping The Homeless

In our Inner City Mission, we assist Georgians and many others with their accommodation monthly rent till they are stable enough to sustain themselves. This we do and many more.

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